Contents 2

Parts IV – VII provide further information relating to the Malaya Campaign and captivity, the men involved, and the sources of information used by the author in his research.

Part IV includes a series of 12 summary charts which present the statistics of those that survived the Malaya Campaign and subsequent captivity and those that did not. Of the 936 men at the start of the Campaign only 582 men returned home. 180 were killed in action during the fighting and 17 were killed, or remain unaccounted for, following their evacuation or escape from Singapore. A further 157 died in captivity and of those 94 died while working on the construction of the Thai-Burma railway and 26 died on the ‘hellship’ voyages to Japan.

In Part V, Movement Tables identify those men included in each of the movement parties as they moved around countries of Far East Asia.

Part VI gives an A-Z Listing of all 936 men summarising their fate, their disposition during the building of the Thai-Burma railway, their subsequent movement as POWs and their location at liberation.

Part VII provides a list of source references used by the author in his research and referred to throughout the text. With the knowledge of the movements of each man, the list provides a useful ‘signpost’ to further relevant reading specific to a particular man.

Finally, a comprehensive index makes the book an invaluable reference document covering this period of the Regiment’s history.