J.C. 1.3.2024 – I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book and what an amazing job I thought you did with it. Incredibly well done!

S.D 23.12.2023 – Just to let you know, your book arrived safely. I’ve only flicked through so far but I can see that it’s a fantastic piece of research and fair play to you for standing your ground and producing YOUR book how YOU wanted it to be published. This is exactly the type of book that I want to publish.

A.B-W 15.8.2023 – The book arrived on Saturday, thank you very much.  I’ve not had a chance to have a proper look yet but it’s quite obviously the book that all the families of 1 Leicester FEPOWs need. It’s a very fine piece of work and a worthy tribute to your father and the 1st Battalion.

E.C. 25.7.2023 – Just a quick email to thank you for sending through the signed copy of your book. I’ve only just started reading it but I must congratulate you on a fantastic piece of research work, a fitting tribute indeed to the Leicesters.

C.P. 9.4.2023 – The work you have done preparing and collating all of this information is amazing. I now see my grandad in a different light, a proud fighting tiger as all of them were. It makes me feel proud to now have some history to pass on.    

R.W.  3.4.2023 – I received the book today so have only dipped into it. It must have been a labour of love. Already my knowledge of my uncle’s (army) service has been expanded. Many thanks.

D.G.  27.3.2023 – Your book is a work of quality which will become a reference book that will last.

AJ  18.1.2023 – I have to congratulate you on your book. It was a fascinating read and a great companion throughout my trip. (to Malaysia – Jitra, Alor Star & Taiping).

A.F 20.12.2022 – I found this book exemplary of bottom-up history which sought to commemorate the memory of those who served through a largely overlooked campaign during the Second World War. On a more personal level, it was equally heart-warming to see how this approach to history can enrich the lives of the families & relatives of those who served.

I.S. 2.11.2022 – I’ve finally read your remarkable book! Your book is a fantastic reference book for anyone researching the Far East war and is a great credit to you for the hours of dedication you have put into it.

C.H. 24.10.2022 – At last I have managed to spend some time with your book and I am mightily impressed.  It is a tour de force and a labour of love no less. Very well done!  I am certain it will forever be an important reference for all those wanting to know more about the involvement of relatives in the Far East conflict. The book is very well illustrated and the extensive tables at the back are very helpful in finding out about a particular soldier. I am sure that you will get a lot of gratitude from future researchers into their relative’s pasts.

R.B. 17.10.2022 – Just to say thank you. Your book was a pleasure to read, very detailed and you have ensured those brave men are remembered forever. Rest assured that those endless hours of work you have done compiling your book have, absolutely, been worth it. Thanks very much once again for the information you have given us.

M.R. 13.10.2022 – I have received the book and I am in awe of the amount of research you have undertaken.  It is now so easy to show to grandchildren, and I hope one day they will also read the book about these brave men.

P.M. 2.10.2022 – The research you have undertaken is utterly remarkable. A true labour of love. Many, many congratulations!

J.C. 2.10.2022 – I have just finished reading your book.  I was, in equal parts, completely engrossed in the story it told, and also left in awe by the sheer volume and depth of the research which you must have put into it. A really marvellous feat. I have read several books about FEPOWS, but to have the full story of a battalion set out during that whole period and across the whole theatre of the Far East really put things into perspective for me. Thank you for what must have been a really demanding effort to produce this excellent book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

C.E.  25.9.2022 – The book (has) arrived and it is stunning- if you submitted that for a PhD thesis you would have your doctorate. Is it possible for me to order another copy?

E.M. 24.9.2022 – What a super book….very comprehensive account and lots of excellent maps…these are really useful as they show areas which have always been a bit vague to me. I had a quick glance this morning but probably won’t get round to serious reading until at get home. I galloped through the Kedah section this  morning …thought your conclusion as to what happened and what might have been was spot on!  Congratulations on a superb book.

A.S.  17.9.2022 – Thank you for my copy of the book. I can only express my great admiration for all your detailed research and the way you have presented it in such an easy-to-understand manner. It really is a masterpiece.    All your many hours of hard work, and detailed cross-referencing, proved invaluable.   You must be very proud of it. It is now on the shelf of my military books, and will be a most helpful reference book.

J.D. 30.8.2022 – Your book arrived this morning, thank you. So much work, congratulations!  I shall enjoy dipping into it and I know my family will too. .

C.M. 26.8.2022 – Just to let you know I received your book yesterday. I have been able to have a quick scan of the book, but from what I saw it looks amazing.

G.E. 25.8.2022 – Thank you for the excellent documented work on the 1st Battalion in the Far East. The detail and graphs appear to be definitive so unlikely to be surpassed. The pie charts of dispositions at the end gives superb insight and that is the icing on the cake.

B.A. 21.8.2022 – It was good to purchase your ‘magnum opus’ and to see the result of your great and dedicated work. Not only would your father have been proud of you , but also the survivors of that wretched time and their relatives.

S.B. 17.8.2022 – I’ve only had the chance to have a brief look through the publication but my goodness, all of your effort, obstacles and delays have been well worth waiting for. I only wish my Dad was here to read this. He would be so proud that you have taken the time and effort to produce such a comprehensive account of what happened. I recognise so many of the names listed, most of which are in Dad’s address book (that I still have). Thank you Ken for keeping the memory of this special bunch of chaps alive.

B.L. 16.8.2022 – I’ve been having a look through the book and am already realising what an enormous amount of work has gone into producing such a detailed book. It is a real historical document.  You should be very proud.

M.S. 15.8.2022 – You should be very proud of your achievements in research for your book, the more I read the more I marvel at the efforts you put into it.

I.B. 10.8.2022 – Mum and I have started to have a look through your book.  It’s really good, lots of detailed interesting information, and we look forward to reading it all properly.

D.D. 4.8.2022 – I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you have done. I am truly grateful. I thank you not just for the research on my own father but for all of the others you have researched and given their families a chance to learn and remember them as the great men they were.

A.Y. 2.8.2022 – Having a quick glance through your book, it’s absolutely astounding,  I actually can’t find the words to describe it. The amount of information you have painstakingly pulled together! What a feat ! I for one will certainly treasure it . I’m sure all the other families will too.

S.B. 1.8.2022 – May I congratulate you on a splendid publication, it arrived today and it’s a wonderful account of what went off.

J.W. 1.8.2022 – Have just received my book and have just been having a quick look through. To see my dad’s name in there just got me so emotional. Thank you so much for all your hard work you have done to put this together.

F.W. 30.7.2022 – Thank you (for the book). Very impressive, a true labour of love which will benefit many of us – certainly my family and people who knew Dad well. Once again, my sincere thanks to you Ken for all the work and diligence over years to put this together for the benefit of all of us and to help make sure all these brave men are not forgotten.

V.R. 30.7.2022 – I would like to say a really big thank you for the book. It looks amazing ! The info you have provided is going to be so interesting and I love the fact you have put where info can be found in the book on pow by names. Thank you once again Ken for your lovely book.

M.S. 29.7.2022 – Compelling and interesting reading, I have been glued to it since its arrival.  I can only marvel at the time and dedication that the research took.

L.D. 29.7.2022 – Just a line to let you know that the Tigers in Captivity book arrived today. It is clear to see how much research you have painstakingly undertaken to put the book together. I’m sure your book will be very well received by everyone who has bought it.

M.B. 25.7.2022 (Facebook) – Book arrived today. It is painstakingly researched and a great tribute to the Tigers who fought and died in combat and captivity in the Far East. Huge thank you to Ken Hewitt for putting it together, he’s done a splendid job.